Peoples Bank Tech Center in Hermann, Missouri

Peoples Bank Tech Center in Hermann, Missouri

This is a project recently completed in Hermann Missouri. The building is the Peoples Bank of Hermann Tech Center and spray foam insulation was specified by the architect. The walls were foamed to insulate and air seal. The underside of the roof sheathing was foamed to enclose the HVAC ducting in conditioned space. This is called an unvented attic assembly. Along one wall was a cantilevered floor. We sprayed foam under that cantilever to make sure space was properly insulated and air sealed.

And below are a few pictures…

spray foam insulation under sheathing

spray foam insulation under roof deck

unvented attic assembly

unvented attic with ducting inside condiioned space

back of building in Hermann Missouri

spray foam in metal studs trimmed flush

open cell spray foam being applied in metal stud wall assembly

Foam Engineers applies open cell spray foam insulation in metal stud cavity to ar seal and insulate exterior wall in this commercial building