Once you have decided to use THE BEST INSULATING MATERIAL – Spray Foam, doesn’t it also make sense to choose the best insulating contractor to ensure MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE?

David McClure


David McClure, President of Foam Engineers

David is passionately committed to helping homeowners, contractors and architects build environmentally responsible structures that are healthy, comfortable, durable and energy efficient. David is a professional engineer with a masters degree in mechanical engineering and over 25 years of experience in the polyurethane industry.

Jason Roach

Construction Estimator

Jason Roach Construction Estimator

Jason is a BPI trained energy auditor who understands building science principles. Jason uses those building science principles when reviewing plans for new and renovated construction projects where material selection and application are important for long term performance.

Chris Freeman

Construction Estimator

Chris Freeman Construction Estimator

Chris is a BPI trained energy auditor. He spent several years running our installation crew which gives him a solid understanding of the installation process.

Professional Approach / Installation

• Mechanical engineer owner / operator with solid understanding of latest building science principles
• Certified HERS rater utilizing “blower door” test & REM/DesignTM energy modeling
• Thermal imaging infrared camera used to pinpoint thermal leaks and spot condensation risk areas
• HVAC sizing recommendations for optimum energy performance
• Free quote with analysis and suggestions to maximize energy efficiency, health & comfort (Contact Us Today)
• Professionally trained and certified installers
• Certified by Missouri Department of Natural Resources as a Missouri Home Energy Auditor

Exemplary Customer Service

• Clear communication of plans and mutual agreement regarding service expectations
• Respect and care for your property
• Exemplary professional & personal conduct
• Clean up – leaving the jobsite as clean as before we started

Premium Spray Foam Materials

• We only use highest quality materials
• We only use reliable material suppliers who are able to deliver consistently good quality
• In house lab where spray foam materials and mixing ratios are tested and perfected