Q: What makes Spray Foam better than conventional insulation materials like cellulose or fiberglass?

A: The most important characteristic that spray foam has over all other insulation materials is that it is AN AIR BARRIER! This is so simple, yet so important. It is important because in any home, no matter how well constructed, the building materials that make up the walls and ceilings have many tiny cracks that allow air to flow through them. Each crack is small but, when added together, they allow a whole lot of air leakage. If cellulose or fiberglass insulation materials are installed, these cracks are covered but they are not air sealed, and for the life of the home these cracks will leak air into and out of the home. When air leaks into or out of your home it costs you money because you have to heat or air condition more air. It is like leaving a door open all the time. That really doesn’t make sense does it? Even if cellulose or fiberglass insulation are spray applied (this can be done when a glue is added to them) they are still not air barriers. Spray applied: YES; air barrier: NO.

Spray foam is proven through testing to be an air barrier. It actually EXPANDS in place to seal up those thousands of tiny cracks. This happens during the normal spray foam installation process. This makes your home more comfortable and more energy efficient. You not only get R-Value from the insulating properties of the material, you also get air sealing; all in one system! NO OTHER, I repeat, NO OTHER insulation material does that!

Q: How much does Spray Foam cost?

A: The purpose of insulation, any insulation, is to save you money. With all insulation materials there is an upfront investment and then the savings in energy expenses follow. With spray foam, the normal investment is about 1.5 to 2.5 times the investment of conventional insulation. The additional spray foam investment is normally fully recovered in about 5 years because of increased energy savings. Monthly utility savings start right away however, and typically exceed your additional mortgage investment. In addition, you also have a more valuable and marketable home. This will become even more important in the years to come as energy costs are expected to climb even higher.

Q: Can Foam Engineers Remove Attic Insulation?

A: Yes, Foam Engineers has a machine called an “Insulation Vacuum” which can be used to vacuum blown-in (also called loose-fill) insulation from existing attics.  The old insulation is vacuumed from the attic and blown into a large collection bag (or bags). We place the collection bag on our trailer for easy removal and disposal. The normal cost for removal is about $1.50 per square foot of attic. The exact price depends upon the type and amount of insulation to be removed. Once the old insulation has been removed, Foam Engineers can then air seal and reinsulate the attic space with spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose, or any combination of insulation materials.

Foam Engineers Removes Old Fiberglass Insulation From Attic

Foam Engineers Removes Loose-Fill and Fiberglass Batt Insulation From Attic